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Lending & Finance Services

We’ll find the lender that suits you best.

Everyone’s circumstances are unique, and we’re all about getting to know you and your needs properly, so we can find the right lender to match.

All the expert advice you need under the same roof.

When you’re making big life decisions, you’ll likely need professional support beyond just lending and finance.

Luckily, we’re backed by Aintree Group’s tax, accounting, wealth, legal and business expertise. So we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

All our services are completely customisable to your needs.

We do offer service packages, including:

  • Loan Pricing Requests for Re-Financing
  • First Home Buyer Package
  • Investment Property Package
  • Small Personal Loan Package
  • Commercial Loan Package

Or, you bring us your vision and we’ll recommend the best strategy to get you there!

And, there’s more…

Getting a loan often comes with a significant life change that may require other advice and support beyond lending and finance.

Aintree Group also offer legal, wealth, tax and business services. So you have access to a range of professionals all under the same roof that can assist with everything from contract of sale, to corporate restructuring, to cash flow forecasting.

Get started with a loan pricing request

A loan pricing request is a simple but very effective way to make sure you’re paying as little interest as possible.

With interest rates on the rise and inflation remaining stubbornly high, it is critical that you review your current loan and ensure you’ve got the best deal you possibly can.

We’ll shop around on your behalf to find out if you have the best (lowest) possible interest rate on your loan, and if you don’t – we give you a range of alternative options at competitive rates to pick from.

ANZ NAB Westpac
Virgin Money Bank of Melbourne ING Direct
St George Bank AMP
Bankwest Bank of Queensland La Trobe Financial
Me Bank
UBank Pepper Money
Heartland Seniors Finance AusWide RedZed
Beyond Bank Liberty UniBank
Teachers Mutual Bank FMB Health Professionals Bank
Australian Financial Adelaide Bank Banjo
GO Edge Resimac GO Flexi Better Choice
My husband and I were recently referred to Tony Hamann, at Aintree Group Finance and we have been delighted by the exemplary service that he has provided us with.

Tony has consistently provided us with a level of customer service far exceeding that of most service providers. Tony has responded to all of our stated goals with receptiveness, optimism and enthusiasm. He takes the time to clearly communicate how we can achieve our goals and then provides strategies to achieve them in a timely manner. No matter how many questions, queries and requests we proffered to Tony, he always responded promptly and with calm receptivity – nothing has ever been too great an obstacle, too much of an inconvenience or too much of a burden to assist us with.

I highly recommend Tony Hamann to anyone looking for advice and assistance with respect to either refinancing their existing mortgage(s) or purchasing a new property.


Aintree Group Finance Client

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